On Accelerators

I recently went back to Techstars NYC to visit some old mentors and companies. It was great to be back and reminded of the intense period of time we had together working during the Techstars program. Months of late nights and long weekends building out product, meeting with mentors, and iterating quickly on the company to hit internal metrics and goals.

Looking back with some perspective, some of the biggest things I can take away from Techstars has been the value add of being part of a built in network of like minded entrepreneurs.

The culture of relentless focus on doing what it takes to hit metrics, to improve product, and to make customers happy. This definitely came out of the relentless process that is Techstars. The momentum you gain out of Techstars through its intense process has so many long tail positive effects on your company.

It makes fundraising easier, it makes building product more focused on the right things, and it makes focusing on the right things easier.

It's been good to be back and even better to be able to with some perspective appreciate the value added.