On daily journaling

Recently I've been working on the habit of morning journaling. The goal has been to write daily, in the morning, without a specific goal except to clear the mind and be more present in the day to day rhythms of life. So far the results have been spotty in terms of consistency and focus, but overall I've noticed an increased ability to regulate ups and downs of work/life etc with a somewhat grounded practice of writing.

When journaling, it often feels like dumping out some of the cobwebs and pervasive thoughts in your mind and offloading them. This oftentimes helps with two things, clearing out what is bothering you, and making real thoughts/imaginations/and dreams you have internally.

It's nice having this practice where the goal of the writing is not to show others, to write well, or to even have clear thoughts. Instead it is much like meditation, yoga, and exercise for your mind. A focus on taking care of your mental well being and preparing your mind for the day ahead of you.

I'm beginning to see journaling as an exercise for the mind to keep strong, keep healthy, and keep focus on what matters. As far as I ca tell this is the one life you get, its short, sweet, and sometimes terrible yet beautiful. So you might as well spend as much time taking care of it and watching it as necessary to be healthy happy and in the moment.