On Market Bubbles

In the news recently tech bubble talk has been on the rise with increasing urgency, luckily it seems the current investing environment mood has been depressed or less excitable due to these fears. It feels like institutional investors and anyone that remembers the dot com 2000s eras are still scarred by that experience and are hyper-aware of the fact. 

On the other hand the "bubble" i'm increasingly more worried about surrounds Chinas struggle to transition from a economic power house growing at 10%+ year over year to a "middling" 5-8% growth economy. Government spending has switched from infrastructure and industries and has begun to turn towards consumer purchasing power and such.

Some numbers scare me a lot about the situations. Such as $1.2 Trillion dollars in over leveraged debt due to easy lending. Rising real estate costs. The foreign flight of money to the US and abroad to "save" that money for the future.

Furthermore China's population growth has dropped effectively with the one child policy, leading to a huge imbalance of the working class becoming a smaller proportion of their economy. 

China's slowdown has come as expected, the big question and worry is if the Chinese government and Federal regulators can help reduce the pain of the transition without a large scale market panic.

Luckily China's national government still exerts considerable control over monetary policy within china and on its currency and trading, so things may be smoothed out with the backing of the economic might of China's government.