On Mornings

Have you ever tried A/B testing having a productive morning versus a non productive morning. It changes the experience of the day by a ton. The feeling and productivity of getting important "things" done before 10 AM is HUGE, rather than waking up at 10 AM and slowly getting through your day.

As a society, it seems we're always complaining about a lack of time. Too much time spent working, not enough time for weekends, downtime, working out, eating right, working on things you want. This is all indeed true especially for people who work 80+ hours a week. Where you basically end up spending your waking hours working 10-12 hours a day, with something like 6-8 hours sleeping, which leaves you really 4-6 hours for EVERYTHING else, cooking meals, spending time with family friends. 

Now unfortunately "early" mornings on a 80+ hour work week is pretty hard to do. You'll need to be a machines, do like Elon, or like a real robot that doesnt need sleep.

But if you can focus on productivity of your morning, getting in your daily workout, day planning, food eating (breakfast), meditation/clearing your head, and the most important task for the day before 10 AM. You'll be golden goose. You'll become that "guy/girl/it" that really is a crusher of the day.

Man how did they workout, feel/look amazing, and finish that huge task for our deadline before we ever got in to work. And on the flip side how do they do it without sleeping!

What I've noticed by incrementally moving my biological clock wakeup time over the last few weeks has been, I get sleepier earlier which allows me to fall asleep faster, which leads to earlier and more productive days.

Here are some of my tips for getting up early:

1) Flux lighting only after 6 or whenever the sun goes down 

2) If you can get off your computer/laptop/tv  - 8/9 PM that would be huge

3) Read something before bed, hopefully its boring and puts you to sleep.

4) Keep your bedroom cold, below 68 F.

5) Blackout your room, the less light the better

6) Wear earplugs/eye mask if you have trouble sleeping

7) Set progressive alarms, so you wake up when you're body is at the right part of the sleep cycle

8) Do a tiny habit when waking up, I make the bed and brush my teeth

9) Drink a glass of cold water or shower to get you going

10) Having a morning ritual to do list to get your mornings going. 

11) Allow the first hour of your day to be about you and your health (yoga, stretching, warming up, meditation, reading, journaling, or all of the above)

12) Start on your most important task for the day. If you get that done you win for the day.

Thats it!