On Relationships w/ Money

I would like to say I never really grew up understanding the value or fleetingness of money growing up. My viewpoint of money was you would get some for birthdays and holidays and spend that on stuff you wanted. My whole view was that it is a finite limited resource that should be attained to acquire new things. Totally rationale when you're not making money.

Unfortunately, this seems totally irrational when you are making money and having to pay for rent food etc. All of a sudden the reality of not having a job and having to cover expenses is right in your face. Some things early on I made mistakes in was getting a credit card too early, not truly understanding the impact that debt had on your psychology and happiness.

Without good money habits things can spiral out of control pretty quickly. 

My steps (heavily borrowed from great people) to money healthiness.

1) Pay off all debts (debt is #1 drag on someones freedom)

2) Save in tiny bits ( I like using digit.co to get started), $1 per day would be huge.

3) Start using cash/debit card more often, its a closer 1:1 link to the value of money

4) Hide that credit card for a rainy day (freeze it in ice if need be)

5) Get your emergency/Thailand trip money saved up $10,000 (should keep you afloat for 2-12 months depending on your burn)

6) Save to a 401k or Roth IRA, I like using (Wealthfront and Betterment)

7) Whatever is left over spend or save! You've made it.