On Rereading Books

I've spent the last year working up to reading 1-2 books a week. In doing so the volume of books and content and ideas I've been exposed to has doubled or tripled in some cases. This has been great an all but I've gotten the sense that reading a book once, especially a good one requires multiple readings to truly understand some of the deeper meanings of a story, or more importantly the details and wrinkles beyond a specific way of thinking or theory. 

So in light of needing to better understand and learn from what I've read in the past, I'm focusing probably about 20% of my reading time moving forward to re-reading some books, re-reading passages, and looking for deeper insight and new thoughts that come from a second pass on a book.

I've read before that to truly understand a book one must reread it multiple times to truly understand the nature of what a book is about. I am becoming more and more convinced of this potential truth.

Enjoy reading, and reread a book if you enjoyed it that much!

*Please note all essays are works in progress that may or may not have been edited or read-over. Thoughts and opinions are of mine only and are subject to my personal opinions, biases, and filters.