On starting over

Living in a startup world every year feels and stretched out to be multiple years of learnings, struggles, challenges, and successes.

I recently left @Localize after a year of heads down working and am proud of what we achieved from being in Techstars NYC to raising a $1.2 million seed round scaling from 2 engineers to 4 engineers and going from no revenue to tens of thousands of dollars a month. It's pretty amazing how much a small team can achieve by putting their heads down and working at tackling large problems day by day. None of it ever came easy yet the growth quickly outpaced our expectations. 

@Localize is doing great this year having added on 3 more incredible engineers and building up the infrastructure for a great Enterprise Sales and Account Management team. Really looking forward to watching the growth and product changes that occur this year as they ramp up for their Series A. 

Now back to the topic of this blog post which is on starting over. Having spent the last 2.5 years working for other peoples startups learning a ton and realizing the hard work that it takes to take an idea and bring it to fruition I've decided to take the plunge and start anew. 

What my cofounders and I are working on is still under wraps but we're excited to bring some of our vision to life, to bring a product into the real world, and hopefully create joy on our customers faces.

So hears to another year (and hopefully many more) of grinding and building out product day by day.