On The Value of Time

A lot of times people talk about how their time is money. But the funny thing about making this relationship is how disproportionate amount of money vs time. 

The accrual of money by an individual can be extremely high. IE Bill Gate, Warren Buffet. Billions of dollars per person or more. On the other hand the accrual of time by an individual, has an upper limit of 120 years so far, and a norm of 60-80 years. 

The term time is money hides the reality of the truth, time is nearly infinite in value relative to money. We have a finite amount of time to live yet we pursue money as an end goal as if it will satisfy the needs of a lifetime if we have enough. Instead money should be treated as a currency to buy freedom, flexibility in what you do with your time, not as an end goal.

In reality money is worth very little, you don't really keep it when you die. Ideally some of your offspring will thank you for any money you leave them behind.