On Workcations

I've recently begun to focus spending my income and time on experiences over material goods.

One of the outputs of this has been planning more trips traveling to different places. Instead of simply accruing vacation days and taking off for 1-2 weeks per year, I've focused on creating a work situation that allows for remote work and taking a day off here or there for travel time.

Now I know not everyone's job can be done in this manner, but if you spend the majority of your day online working you are probably working a job that can be done from anywhere. If you're lucky enough to work in this type of work and you have an understanding manager (who should also understand that flexibility in job locations is a great way to retain employees), try doing a workcation.

A workcation includes the benefits of traveling, exploring, and experiencing new places with the efficiency of still getting work done, being productive, and contributing to your company.

I've been doing it over the last two weeks of this month, and its been some of the most creative/productive time I've had at work as well as one of the more rewarding travel experiences.

Luckily in this time I've been able to visit friends in Boston, New York, and Austin. 

You should try it sometime. Its pretty great.