On Twitter

I've recently taken to re-using Twitter for the first time in users. I've used twitter before in different venues. I still have a username from somewhere when Twitter first had launched to see if I could get the @johnny or @johnnywu tag name. I could not.

Then I tried picking it up again sometime in college as it caught on as the the go to platform for updates. Then it lost steam in my mind for a long time. More recently during Techstars in NYC Spring 2014, we used/use it heavily for marketing/engagement for customers and followers for our translation and technology platform Localize.

More recently with Twitter's CEO re-shuffling, refocus on core customers, developers, and curation, I figured it might be time to try it out again.

Recently, I am trying to use it primarily as a platform for thoughts, ideas, and a sounding board. By approaching it like this, its changed my view and value of twitter. 

Twitter is great for: 

1) Event based information (breaking news, live events, etc)

2) Filtered opinions (following people you trust and believe in)

3) To me, most importantly, it is a great sounding board for your own current thoughts/musings.

Twitter is like a public ledger, of my thoughts. It forces me to track what I'm thinking, it takes note of what I thought in a time period in my life, and is most importantly public so your thoughts can't be that ridiculous (at least hopefully they'll be somewhat filtered).

So here's to a hopefully bright future and relationship with Twitter, for the long term.